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Published at: Dec 11, 2023 (Updated at: Dec 11, 2023)

Here you will find all the information that you need according to newsletters, membership and subscriptions to the site.

Tiers, Access, and Benefits

Everyone Members Premium Premium+
Public posts
Member-only posts
Comment on posts
Access to newsletters
Subscriber-only posts
Ad free content
Follow back on Twitter/X
Influence over future content
Personal support/assistance
Access to HS-Courses

Note: Some of the benefits are part of the roadmap and thus not live.


Note that by buying a premium tier, the transaction will be non-refundable.


To receive newsletters - you have to be a member and have the newsletters you want to subscribe to checked.

Weekly Newsletter

Frequency: 1/week, Fridays. Targeted audience: People who want to stay up to date with both my blog and what's happening in the cybersecurity space.

This newsletter will contain a summary of the blog posts published from the last week. But it also contains a short list with links to great articles and news from the past week related to cybersecurity. These links could range from a great malware analysis to a new critical vulnerability.


What is considered "member" or "premium" content?

All content with the tag members can only be viewed by members - meanwhile all the content with the tag premium can only be read by premium members. If you're not a member, sign up or subscribe here.

Can I be a member but opt-out of the newsletters?

Of course - you can manage your newsletters and other email preferences under: Account > Email preferences.

What is "HS-Courses"?

HS-Courses or Hailstorm Security Courses, are smaller courses I've put together with my experience. Currently they are a part of the roadmap but once they're live you will find them together with more information under Categories > Courses.

Why are you running ads?

I have put a lot of time and energy into this website and this is the way to support my work absolutely for free. If you use an adblocker I don't blame you or like you any less - although I would greatly appreciate if you turn it off if you like the content that I produce. If I were to earn "enough" on subscriptions at some point I would consider turning off ads.

How will you follow me back on Twitter/X?

The best way for me to know who you are is by emailing me the Twitter/X information with the email you are subscribed with. Then I can easily see both that you are subscribed and I get your details.

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