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Published at: Dec 11, 2023

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What are the goals for this website? Will it stay as a pure blog? What will the future withhold? These are all questions that I will answers here!


In this section, I aim to be transparent about my vision for the website and its future trajectory. All insights shared here stem from my perspective as the creator, especially considering the recent launch of the website. As you read through, feel free to provide feedback or pose questions by navigating to the Questions, suggestions, and feedback.

I also suggest reading the following page before this one - since some references will be made:

Goal of the Website

The primary motivation behind dedicating a substantial amount of my time to crafting this blog/website remains constant:

I aspire to lower the barrier to entry into cybersecurity and offering essential resources

And all through the lens of me, someone who has only recently started their journey in cybersecurity (2022). Thus giving you, the reader, the ability to grow together with me and learning from both my mistakes and accomplishments.

How I Will Accomplish My Goal

To achieve this objective, I plan to:

  • Narrate my journey: Share my experiences as a junior practitioner advancing within the cybersecurity domain.
  • Educate from my perspective: Delve into the fundamentals of cybersecurity and provide insights on progression
    • Or specific advice - such as efficient analysis of specific binaries.
  • Publish universally accessible content: Catering to individuals with varying levels of experience or involvement in cybersecurity or IT, ensuring content is both relevant and easy to comprehend.
  • Affordable pricing: Make content accessible with reasonable price tags, ensuring that even more elaborate content remains affordable for the intended audience, coupled with additional benefits.

Member & Subscriber Content

For clarity, let me elaborate on what entails Members and Subscribers:

  • Member: Anyone who has registered with their email on my website.
  • Subscriber: Alternatively referred to as "premium member" (I will try to be consistent with my terminology), indicating individuals who have bought a paid subscription on the website.

If you are not yet a member or wish to explore subscription options, you can sign up and/or subscribe here.

Member Content

Regarding member-exclusive content, I intend to offer material that reflects my unique perspective as a creator. This may include:

  • Configuration guides for specific tools.
  • Reflections on new tools and initial impressions.
  • Personal opinions on current cybersecurity events.
  • Other exclusive content deemed particularly noteworthy.

A comprehensive list of currently available member-exclusive content can be found under the content category "Members".


As a member, you will receive, unless opting out, exclusive and relevant content through emails. If you have suggestions for new newsletters or specific content you'd like to see, feel free to Questions, suggestions, and feedback.

Premium Content

The plan for premium content involves posts that, on average, demand more time to produce and are deemed highly valuable and unique. Examples of such content include:

  • Write-ups of paywalled/limited content.
  • Insights gained from courses I've taken.
  • Lessons learned from my experiences.
  • Detailed guides on analyses or engagements.
  • Other high quality content I deem particularly worthy of the premium paywall.

For a comprehensive list of currently available premium content, refer to the content category "Premium".

Will the Website Remain a Blog?

In essence, yes, the website will always retain a blog component, although to varying extents due to uncertainties in the future, opportunities, and time constraints.

With my growing expertise, the content may evolve, becoming more exclusive or adapting in terms of production and contents. Feedback is invaluable, and I am committed to incorporating it into the website's evolution.

Additionally, I envision a shift towards being more of a knowledge producer rather than a consumer. As I continue learning daily, my focus is currently on skill development. Here is however some examples on what the future could withhold:

  • Creating and delivering my own courses (or in collaboration).
  • Undertaking freelance-type work, such as one-on-one, or one-to-many teaching or binary analysis reports.

The possibility of there becoming reality will only become apparent with time. If you are interested in contributing or collaborating, do not hesitate to Questions, suggestions, and feedback. This invitation extends to anyone with alternative ideas on the website's future.

Questions, Suggestions, and Feedback

Your feedback is highly valued, and I am eager to answer any questions you may have, whether about this roadmap or any other topic. Feel free to send me an email to [email protected], and I will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can reach out via a personal message on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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