My collection of short technical notes I use on almost a daily basis. You will also find guides on how I write my notes to improve your own note-taking ability.

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Play with UV light.
Data Manipulation Notes

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In-data isn't always structured like you want it to be. To structure it yourself it is a common practise to use Regular expression (RegEx) together with tools such as sed, grep and awk. Here you will see how to use them!

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C-Languages Notes

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C, C# and C++ are all pretty popular programming languages in cybersecurity. So whenever I come across it or use it - the notes I take you will find here!

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Speedcurve Performance Analytics
Blue Teaming Notes

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A big page with notes about all general blue/defensive techniques - all from forensics to malware analysis.

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Linux (Ubuntu) bash terminal in Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL). Stock image.
Shell Script Notes

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All of my relatively concise notes about shell scripting. The native scripting language in Unix systems.

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Assembly hellow world in x64
Assembly Notes

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Notes about anything that has to do with assembly - and for the most part reverse engineering.

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Obsidian icon and cogwheel
My Obsidian Settings for Effective Note-taking

9 min read

Maximise productivity with the best Obsidian settings for note-taking success. Learn expert tips from to enhance your digital-note taking ability

The Ultimate Guide - How to Take Effective Digital Notes for Productivity and Success

6 min read

Enhance productivity & success with this Obsidian guide. Learn essential tips for effective note-taking. Boost your skills now!